1513 Scalp Ave. Suite 360 Johnstown PA 15904

A Consignment Furniture

and Home Decor Shoppe

How We Work

We sell gently used home furnishings on consignment.  Your items are attractively displayed and merchandised in our conveniently located showroom, and thoughtfully photographed and described on our website.   All  Sales Are Final!  

What We Want

Nearly new condition furniture,  signifcant accessories and small appliances.  Items must be clean and in excellent repair, reasonably up to date, and free of exposure to smokers and pets.  Wear allowances are made for antiques.  Name brands are preferable.

What We Don't Want

Major appliances, pianos and organs, waterbeds, and cribs to name a few.  Also, small, visually insignificant accessories. 

What Are the Terms

This is a four month consignment.  Prices reduce every 30 days by 20, 40 and 60% respectively.  The final sales price is split 50/50 between the Tag Sale Shoppe and item owner.   Unsold items must be picked up by the end of the consignment period or they will become the property of the Tag Sale Shoppe and may be retained for resale, donated or disposed.

Who Sets the Price

Prices are determined between the furniture owner and the Tag Sale Shoppe, generally 1/2 of retail, if known.

When Do I Get Paid

For monthly balances over $50, checks are mailed by the 10th of each month,smaller balances may be picked up at the store at the beginning of each month.  

Do We Provide Pick-up / Delivery

We do not have a mover on staff, however, we can recommend a mover if assistance is needed. Local deliveries, only, please.  

Do I Need An Appointment

Yes!  All large furniture pieces need to be preapproved before being added to our inventory. Contact us to arrange for your consignment appointment.  Smaller accessories can be brought to the store at any time. Please call ahead and let us know when you are coming.

What Is a "Sale Pending"

Sale pending next discount means that a customer has paid in full for an item at the next discounted price.  This is a final sale. However, the item is still available for sale at the current price until discount day. If the item is sold prior to the next discounted price the method of payment is returned.

Charitable Fund Raising

The proceeds from the sale of your items may be directed to the charity of your choice.  Just let us know where you want your check to be sent.  

What Is a Tag Sale

A tag sale is similar to an estate sale, but rather than an auction,  a professional organizer tags the home furnishings for resale and shoppers pluck the tags from items they are interested in purchansing.